Very Low Frequency AC Hipots Very Low Frequency AC Hipots

Our smallest VLF model, t he VLF-28CM approaches the size and cost of a DC hipot and is desig ned for quick & easy short-run cable testing. It can test up to 0.4 μF of load, or up to 4000 feet (1200 m) of a typical 15 kV class cable. Small, light, inexpensive. Now there is no reas on not to use VLF
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TD-34E TD-34E

Tan Delta testing (or Tan δ/Dissipation Factor/Loss Angle) is a non-destructive diagnostic test performed to measure the condition, or level of deterioration, of a cable systems insulation. A population of cables is tested and graded. A comparative analysis is then made to predict relative life expectancy and to help prioritize cable replacement, rejuvenation/injection, or to determine what further tests may be useful, possibly a VLF Withstand or VLF Partial Discharge test.
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TDB-60 TDB-60

The TDB-60 is used for measuring the loss angle, or dissipation factor, of shielded power cable. These measurements are used to track the deterioration of cable insulation. Increasing Tan Delta numbers indicate increasing cable insulation degradation. TD measurements are used to establish baseline readings on new installations, for trending cable condition over time, and to help prioritize cable replacement and/ or cable injection programs.
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Portable AC Hipot Testers - PFT Series Portable AC Hipot Testers - PFT Series

The PFT Series of AC hipots are ideal for testing many types of substation apparatus, motors/generators, isophase bus, and other loads requiring an AC withstand test. The HVI AC hipots are among the smallest, lightest, and most economical available while delivering higher power ratings and features not found elsewhere. For example: the PFT-503CM is the only single piece, 50 kVac @ 3 kVA, shielded cable output hipot produced, used worldwide for testing vacuum bottles, switchgear, reclosures, circuit breakers, etc.
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AC Dielectric Test Sets 3 kV - 300 kV up to 40 kVA AC Dielectric Test Sets 3 kV - 300 kV up to 40 kVA

HVI produces many higher kVA AC Test Sets for performing AC withstand testing on all types of electrical apparatus. These include corona free sets for performing partial discharge testing on switchgear, bushings, breakers, etc. (Pd equipment not availabe from HVI.) Various control packages are available: simple manual controls, automated and computer interfaceable controls, and fully microprocessor based controls for complete test automation and data collection. Contact our sales department for more information.
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DC Hipot & Megohmmeter Test Sets - PTS Series DC Hipot & Megohmmeter Test Sets - PTS Series

The PTS Series of DC hipots are combination high voltage DC proof testers, or hipots, and high voltage Megohmmeters. Hipoting, or leakage current measurement, and insulation resistance testing can now be performed with one instrument.
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Aerial Lift Testing - AC Voltage Aerial Lift Testing - AC Voltage

Booms & Liners HVI produces several AC testers to cover all boom and liner testing, with models available up to 300 kVac for boom testing and 10 kVA for liner testing. The popular ALT-120/60, designed to meet ANSI A92.2 testing, is the most powerful and full featured standard aerial lift tester available. It delivers up to 120 kV for boom testing and up to 7 kVA of power for testing nearly all liners and other high capacitance loads requiring an AC withstand test. For DC voltage testing, see the PTS Series of DC Hipots for our highly popular PTS-100. The 0-60 kVac/0-120 kVac model ALT-120/60 provides a higher power rating than others: 7 kVA capacitive for one hour - 4 kVA resistive continuous duty. It offers a 250 uA current meter range, rugged, transit protected, anti-static glass front meters, a guard/ground circuit, test timer, and an internal voltmeter divider. There is no better truck tester.
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Oil Dielectric Testers - Manual & Automatic Designs Oil Dielectric Testers - Manual & Automatic Designs

The HVI Oil Dielectric AC Test Sets provide repeatable, accurate measurement of breakdown voltage of insulating oils used in electrical equipment. These versatile, lightweight yet rugged units have been designed for both field and laboratory use.
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Cable Fault Locators - CDS Series & VLF Thumper Combination Cable Fault Locators - CDS Series & VLF Thumper Combination

HVI produces some of the most powerful and full featured fault locators available, including the top Network Systems thumper available. All the features needed for efficient fault finding can be found in our thumpers, do not settle for less: * Three full joule output voltage settings * Three fully variable hipot output voltages * The highest Burn current available * Internal Arc Reflection and Current Impulse filter * Compatable with nearly all TDR/radar models * The most rugged and reliable design * World’s only VLF Thumper combination
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Salisbury is your complete source for personal electrical safety products that comply with ASTM requirements and OSHA regulations. Salisbury is the world leader in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment and live line tools to protect electrical workers from the hazards of their job. Salisbury offers the complete solution with insulating rubber gloves, blankets, line hose, temporary grounding equipment, voltage detectors, clamp sticks, distribution dead-end insulators, plastic cover-up and dielectric boots.


Arc Flash Protection Equipment and Clothing Arc Flash Protection Equipment and Clothing

Salisbury by Honeywell leads the industry in Arc Flash Protection. Salisbury offers a complete line of arc flash personal protective equipment and clothing. Our PRO-WEAR line includes clothing and other protective equipment from 8 cal/cm2 to 100 cal/cm2. Our arc flash protective items are sold individually or in convenient kits.

Rubber Insulating Products Rubber Insulating Products

Salisbury by Honeywell is a world leader in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment including our extensive rubber electrical insulating product line. Salisbury by Honeywell provides rubber electrical insulating line hose, covers, gloves, sleeves, blankets, and more. Salisbury’s rubber products are made from either SALCOR® EPDM Type II ozone resistant rubber for long life or Type I natural rubber for additional flexibility and dexterity.




Euclid Vidaro Mfg Co

has been designing and manufacturing quality garments and accessories for over 40 years. Euclid Vidaro products service a variety of markets including aerospace, automotive, biological and medical research, chemical, critical environment, electronic assembly, food processing, medical and semiconductor. Whatever your application, Vidaro has the product you are seeking.

Conductive Suits Conductive Suits

The Conductive Suit has been designed specially for works on EHV transmission systems and substations up to 800 kV. It allows the lineman to equalize his potential with the electrical field of the energized system where the maintenance works will be performed. The working principle of the Conductive Suit is based on the Faraday Cage principle, offering safe and comfortable working conditions on energized systems. Made of high technology fabric based on aramid and stainless steel microfibers with reinforced sewing.
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