PT Global Surya Elektrik was established on 2008,is representative of electrical equipment manufactures.

We offers a full range of electrical equipment, such as power system testing field, predictive maintenance, measurement equipment, safety equipment, hotline tools and also electrical services.

We have proven track record in selling our products to many National State Electrical Area, Industrial, Mining & Oil Gas Company. Rapid developments in technology have allowed us to give the latest technology and high quality products to fulfill the standard for each application and facilitate testing and commissioning of most major apparatus.

We work to meet an exceed customer expectation by providing solution and better service.

To Be A Leading Company By Giving The Best Services In Mechanical And Electrical Sector And Become A Worldwide Classs Company.

Giving The Best Service Through The Excellent Solution And Satisfy The Client.



• Professional human resources.       
• Effective and efficient organization.    
• Synergic networking.                
• World-class quality products.        
• Spesific Expertise in:    
- After sales service.   
- Solution through consultations.
- Engineering services & training.



• Integrity for all in all time        
• Teamwork through trust            
• The spirit of excellence        
• Reputable company image            
• Continual innovation
• Life-long learning
• Caring relationship
• Growth through God's blessing



Sumatra Island

PLN P3B Sumatra

PLN Distribution 20KV North Sumatra

PLN Distribution 20KV West Sumatra



Java Island

PLN  P3B Java Bali

PLN Distribution 20KV Jakarta

PLN Distribution 20KV West Java

PLN Distribution 20KV Central Java

PLN Distribution 20KV East Java

PLN Distribution 20KV Bali


Borneo Island  

PLN  Region East Kalimantan

PLN  Region South Kalimantan and Southeast


Sulawesi Island 

PLN  Region South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and West Sulawesi

PLN  Region North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, and Gorontalo